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when a trip is pending approval, notify the user when the price changes or inventory becomes unavailable so that the user can either accept the changed price or search for another option

Once a traveler books a flight or a hotel and it sits in the cart for a certain amount of time - eventually that flight will become unavailable and the traveler will not know it's unavailable until they go and try to book it. No proactive messaging. Same thing on approvals side - once it goes to approval and it sits for a decent amount of time - it becomes unavailable but approver doesn't know. 
Questions from client: 
Do you know why this itinerary is no longer available when I try to approving this request?
Why can't the itinerary simply reprice vs disappearing entirely?
  • Matthew Shephard-Lupo
  • Feb 21 2018
  • Planning to Implement
Idea Type Improving Existing Feature
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  • Julian Noss commented
    March 02, 2018 21:48

    Have an 800K spend prospect that is very curious about this. Additionally wanting to understand the cost of changing a flight